Instant Messenger, Get On It!

I was having a conversation at a mixer the other day with this lady I just met who was telling me she doesn’t have FB instant messenger on her phone because she feels it’s a distraction.  What?!  Now, she is self employed and has a FB business page.  She admitted she uses FB quite a bit for her business.  Keeps in touch with clients, post relevant content, engages with people, etc.  So I was shocked by her not utilizing FB instant messenger.  But first I gave her kudos for actually using FB for her business, because if she wasn’t…..that’s another blog post.  Then before she had a chance to give me her card, I casually excused myself from the conversation, by going to get a glass of wine.  (To help me swallow her reasoning of not being on instant messenger.)  After about 10 minutes I went back to her and I said, “I didn’t get your card so I went to message you so we can connect as I have a referral for you but I remembered you aren’t on FB messenger and probably wouldn’t get it for a day or two.  Thinking that would be the next time you’re at your computer.”  She laughed.  I didn’t.


Now I wasn’t being mean at all, and if you know me you know that’s not my style.  I really did have a referral for her.  I was also trying to help her understand that today’s businesses are on social media in every aspect.  I asked her if it’s a distraction if her phone rings.  Or if she gets a new email notification bling.  Or if she get a text message.  Of course she said no.  So then, what’s wrong with FB instant messenger?  It’s just another way to be able to be reached by a potential new client that doesn’t have your information.


She ended up downloading it because later that night I got a FB instant message from her saying she did and that it was nice to meet me.  Thank goodness!


– Amanda Benson